Spinieo Inc. | Around the Web – April 17, 2016

Some highlights from around the web in landscaping, home remodeling, DIY Projects and more!


1) Spinieo Inc. Becomes Region’s Preferred ICF Contractor

Spinieo Inc is proud to announce that we have partnered with New York Poly Steel and are now the Tri-State area’s regional preferred contractor for ICF’s.

2) These 7 DIY Projects Will Maximize Your Outdoor Space.

Warm spring weather gives handy homeowners the perfect opportunity to maximize their alfresco space with beautiful backyard updates.  This article recommends you focus on these seven (HP)

3) Learning How to Effectively Shape a Garden or Lawn Space for Your Home

Adding some shape to your lawn or garden is a simple process that can make a big difference in the appearance of the groundcover. Use these step-by-step tips for your outdoor space. (DIYNetwork)

4) What are the Benefits of ICF Construction?  Let’s Start Here.

So what’s so great about living in a concrete home? What do ICF walls offer that wood-framed walls can’t, in terms of comfort, performance, affordability and safety?  Find out here (concretenetwork.com)

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