Five elements of an Ideal Hardscape Construction

When somebody walks your front or backyard, they might see the beautiful landscape garden, flowers and plants abound, and the garden may look like a manicured paradise. But to this paradise there is an underlying foundation that holds everything all together, which includes the walls, pathways, terraces, and patios. Together, all these structures constitute hardscape.

Hardscape construction is an important aspect of the structure of a garden. Aside from being only attractive hardscape should be sturdy and functional. The landscape visually unites the garden and the building.


There are five elements to consider with your hard landscaping design:

Budget: A hardscape construction is the costliest part in the construction of the garden; a detailed budget should be prepared in advance. Estimation about the materials should be done to ensure a cost effective source.

Quality: it is necessary for you to ensure that high quality materials should be used in the area of high traffic. Natural wear and weathering will occur over the time and further will accelerate with seasonal changes.

Drainage: A drainage system is essential while designing a hardscape. Paved areas near the house should be built with a slope in a gentle angle away from the structure. To avoid rainwater to be drained away from the house.

Space: The size and location is particularly critical while hardscaping. Its physical nature must be considered as it relates to the space for sitting, walking, eating or entertaining outside.

Maintenance: Hardscape need to check periodically and maintained to retain its beauty and quality. Hardscape could pose safety hazards if not properly maintained. As an example, loose or decaying bricks or pavers need to be replaced immediately.

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