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First impressions matter. That’s why it’s so important that your building offer a positive presentation to potential customers. We can help by making sure your building’s exterior is in its best condition with our exterior building restoration services.

Exterior building restoration is not just for aesthetics alone. The cause of facade problems can be due to poor design, improper installation, corrosion from moisture, excessive water penetration into the cavity between the facade and the backup, freeze/thaw damage, and poor exterior wall maintenance. The loss of support or weakening of anchoring systems can result in falling debris, a hazard to property and in the worst of cases, to pedestrians.

Spinieo, Inc. can help with exterior coatings, caulking, exterior brick and concrete restoration, cleaning and waterproofing. We work with high-rise buildings, hotels & motels, hospitals, factories, apartment buildings, nursing homes, business parks, shopping centers, churches, parking garages and more.

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